The Afterglow

The Afterglow Does going on a retreat have lasting effects?
In a word…absolutely!
Of course I am going to say that to you, I want you to come on an Energising Relaxation Break! You are not an idiot. So, don’t just take it from me, take it from those who have already been.
The women who came on the October break explain how the Energising Relaxation Break (ERB) was for them and what it has meant in their lives:
“The break away gave me the time and space to be me, not the mum, not the wife, not the daughter, not the carer, not the housewife..... just me. It gave me time to reconnect with who I am. The break away gave me the opportunity to meet a group of amazing women” (Mo - 55)
“My being away from home made me realise how much my husband and children/grandchildren mean to me. Sometimes we get carried away with everyday things and forget some of the things that matter around us. The break was just what I needed to take time out and understand me and remind myself of all the important thin…
Energising Relaxation Breaks - What’s it all about?

Recently I have been asked by a number of women why am I offering wellbeing breaks; what is my motivation? So, I thought I would explain.
I have always been a person who wants to be happy, aren’t we all? The older I get, the more life I experience and the more I realise that we have to work at being happy. It isn’t handed to us on a plate and it isn’t an automatic entitlement.
I choose, and I am fortunate enough, to work in an amazing place which supports people with cancer. Does that make me happy? Yes, in many ways it does.I don’t drive a fancy car or own an amazing house. I don’t splash cash on expensive treats or travel the world. Of course, more money would be lovely, but it is not the be all and end all. I am privileged enough to spend time with people who face some of the most difficult challenges of their lives; sometimes facing their own mortality or watching the decline of a loved one.What I witness is, that against the odds…